Aarp Games 5 Roll (2024)

1. 5 Roll - The Classic Five Dice Game You Want to Play

  • Smartle word game challenges your vocabulary. Preview now!

  • Roll your dice for pairs, 3 of a kinds, full houses and straights.

2. See All the Online Games Available from AARP

  • 5 Roll · Games · 10x10 is a Tetris Like Puzzle... · Classic Solitaire

  • On this page is a listing of all the online games and puzzles available for you to play and enjoy. Have fun and start playing today!

3. Internet Game Sites, Play Puzzles, Cards, Brain Games - AARP

  • All Games · Mahjongg Games · Solitaire Games · Mahjongg Solitaire

  • Daily games and puzzles to sharpen your skills. AARP has new free games online such as Mahjongg, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Solitaire, Word games and Backgammon! Register on and compete against others to find out if you are a Top Gamer.

4. Roll Five - AARP Online Community

5. 5 Roll Game Online | Free to Play | No Download Necessary - Arkadium

  • 5 Roll is a free online game just like Yahtzee except without all those pesky other players. Roll 5 dice and select which to keep and which to reroll.

6. 5 Roll - MSN Games

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  • Play the best free games on MSN Games: Solitaire, word games, puzzle, trivia, arcade, poker, casino, and more!

7. Internet Game Sites, Play Puzzles, Cards, Brain Games -

  • Sharpen your brain with daily games and puzzles. AARP ... 5Roll. Outdraw Poker.

  • Sharpen your brain with daily games and puzzles. has new free games online, such as Sudoku, Crosswords, Solitaire, Backgammon, Skeeball, Word games and more! Register on and compete against others to find out if you're a Top Gamer.

8. Play 5 Roll - USA TODAY Games

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  • You're visiting this site from a location where this feature is not currently available. USA TODAY is always working to expand access to our features. We appreciate your patience.

9. Help Center For Games With FAQ's from AARP

  • Get AARP games help here. AARP games can be played online. They are fun and engaging. More about AARP Games with our online help page.

  • Get AARP games help here. Games that are fun and engaging.

10. How is the AARP hurdle scored - NAMRIA

  • May 30, 2024 · AARP Games Tournament Tuesdays..High scores ... five-letter word you'll need to solve every day. ... game, and you still need to score as many ...

  • HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

11. Events Archive | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

  • Rolling Stones Weekend: AARP Day. 10:00 AM - 5:00 ... All Time Low w/ Games We Play. 7:00 PM. Rock & Roll ... Rolling Stones Weekend: AARP Day. More Details. 10:00 ...

  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | Union Home Mortgage Plaza, 1100 Rock & Roll Blvd. | Cleveland, Ohio 44114 | 216.781.ROCK (7625). The Rock Hall is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States.

12. AARP Online Games - UNT Web Archive

  • Sep 24, 2014 · Url: ... Rank 5 311,325. dsmaldone. Rank 6 61,925 ... At any time you can roll your bonus dice by clicking the "roll" ...

  • All AARP Online games can be found here. See the big list of all AARP Online games available to play instantly online.

13. AARP Games - Play on

  • AARP Games has a collection of daily games and puzzles ... One game of Mahjongg Remix comprises five rounds. ... 5 Roll · Jewel Shuffle · Classic Solitaire · Lumeno ...

  • Play AARP Games on, a browser-based free online gaming website you can play on your phone and desktop without downloading anything.

14. AARP Rewards - Join Free, Earn & Get Rewarded

  • Earn Points by playing AARP games to score up to ... rolling basis. How do I redeem my AARP Rewards ... AARP Services Inc. Policy & Research · Newsletters · AARP In ...

  • Earn and redeem points with AARP® Rewards program. Get rewarded with a catalog of exclusive deals, discounts and more. Join for free and login today!

Aarp Games 5 Roll (2024)


How do you play roll 5? ›

5 Roll is just like Yahtzee, except without all those pesky other players. Roll 5 dice and select which to keep and which to re-roll. Strategically fill out your scorecard to maximize each roll.

What game do you play with five dice? ›

Drop Dead is a dice game in which the players try to gain the highest total score. The game was created in New York. Five dice and paper to record players' scores are all that is needed. A player rolls the five dice and if the throw does not include a 2 or 5, they receive the score of the total numbers added together.

Why can't I play AARP games? ›

Your games may not be working or loading because of technical issues such as conflicts created by too many active cookies, lack of available cache to complete a task, and/or an outdated browser. To address this, use the links provided below.

How to access AARP games? ›

To keep track of your top score or play member-only games, be sure to log in to your AARP online account. If you don't have an account, it's free and easy to create one. If you're not yet an AARP member, join today to play member-only games. Go to AARP Games to play now!

What are the possible combinations of 5 dice? ›

A dice has six sides. So rolling 5 dice gives 6^5 or 7,776 combinations.

What is the first to five dice game? ›

First to Five is a fun dice game to practice addition facts! Swipe the screen to roll the dice, add the two dice, and click on the correct sum on the chalkboard. Compete against Snake Eyes, the dice-tossing robot, and try to be the first to five-of-a-kind!

What is the deal with AARP? ›

What is an AARP Membership? An AARP membership gives you a wide variety of carefully chosen discounts, information and services, as well as an advocate for important issues like Medicare and Social Security.

Is AARP not just for seniors? ›

AARP membership is open to anyone 18 or older. While AARP's mission is dedicated to the needs of the 50+ population, anyone can become an AARP member. Once you're a member, you'll gain access to hundreds of discounts, programs and resources.

Does it make sense to join AARP? ›

An AARP membership is great for anyone who's always on the hunt for the best deal. Its discounts can help when you shop for a rental car, hotel, or a better deal on your car insurance, and often the deal is good enough to more than offset the cost of membership.

Do AARP members get discounts on groceries? ›

Groceries: AARP Membership Benefits and Discounts. Get instant access to members-only products, hundreds of discounts, a free second membership, and a subscription to AARP the Magazine. Find how much you can save in a year with a membership. Learn more.

Can you use AARP at Walmart? ›

Yes! Save $20 off a Walmart+ annual plan with your AARP Membership. To receive your discount, enter your AARP Membership number when you sign up for Walmart+. To learn more, go to

Which game is top 1 in the world? ›

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games in the World: 2024 Rankings...
  • Minecraft. ...
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) ...
  • World of Warcraft (WoW) ...
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) ...
  • Among Us. ...
  • Apex Legends. ...
  • Roblox. ...
  • Valorant.
Feb 28, 2024

How do you play give me 5? ›

In Give Me Five, your teammates have five seconds to guess a word – but first you need to figure out the word to be guessed and how to clue them in to that same word. The game is played with all players active in each round. A round starts by revealing a theme card and a letter card.


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