Dayz Developers Reveal Details of POIs for Frostline Sakhal Map (2024)

Frostline is well on the way as the DayZ developers give us new insights into the Sakhal map POIs.

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First Published July 4, 2024, 15:13

Fans of the brutal open-world survival title DayZ have been eagerly awaiting more news on the upcoming DLC, titled Frostline. This DLC will introduce various new features and gameplay updates, but the spotlight is on the new map called Sakhal, a frozen area boasting breathtaking views, a volcanic system, and deadly freezing temperatures.

The original announcement didn't provide many details about the points of interest (POIs) and features of the new map. However, the developers have recently released a new blog giving us more information. So, let's take a detailed look at the POIs on the Sakhal map for the Frostline DLC coming to DayZ.

Dayz Developers Reveal New POIs for Frostline Sakhal Map

In the latest developer blog post for the new Frostline DLC, the developers shared key details about some of the Points of Interest (POIs) we can expect to find in the new Sakhal map. They discussed their approach to crafting these areas and provided insights into what we can anticipate when the Frostline DLC finally releases.

On the topic of environmental design, the developers stated: "When designing points of interest on Sakhal, our number one rule was to make sure all the places you visit during your travels feel unique and different from the other maps. Working with a pretty much blank slate allowed us to push environment design somewhere, where we couldn't with existing maps (due to consistency)."

They then touched on Sakhal-specific items and structures, unique to the DLC: "To achieve the diversity and uniqueness of Sakhal points of interest, we have over 400 Sakhal-specific objects. Some are reworked existing assets (new variants), some are ported from Arma titles (Arma 3, Arma Reforger), and finally, we have new unique ones made specifically for Sakhal. Here is a glimpse into [the] evolution of a new village apartment building that comes in several variants and is 60% enterable: [image below]"

The developers also spoke about the map's size relating to the new content they aim to add: "Even if Sakhal is our smallest map, with its 83 square kilometers, it is still a sizeable chunk of landscape to work with. Given the time we had for its development, we used a number of tricks to push it visually further away from the existing maps. This includes new objects such as fences, powerlines, and roads."

Other Bohemia staff members also shared their experiences with Sakhal. The creative lead, Adam, mentioned: "My personal favorite has definitely been the work on the geothermal power plant, as it was very closely inspired by an actual real power plant located in Kamchatka."

Artist Jamie Foster added: "The newly reimagined map features a substantial number of house reworks, along with the addition of several intriguing hiding spots. Our goal was to imbue the houses with a sense of dilapidation and occupancy, presenting interiors and decorations that exude more character and history compared to the previous iterations found in Livonia and Chernarus."

Marketing Specialist Htun Lynn Zaw (Lynn) weighed in, saying: "I've been hooked on playing Frostline, even on weekends. Sakhal's most interesting features are its unique visual identity and the sheer variety of settings. As someone who loves exploring and capturing screenshots, always looking for that perfect shot, I can tell you Sakhal has tons of intriguing scenes."

This makes it clear that we have quite the adventure awaiting us when Sakhal and the Frostline DLC release sometime in Fall 2024 (speculative). Once we know more, we will be sure to update you all with the latest details of the Frostline DLC coming to DayZ.

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Dayz Developers Reveal Details of POIs for Frostline Sakhal Map (2024)


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