Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (2024)


Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air, MD. We'll pick up furniture, appliances, and other household items and deliver them to the donation center of your choice.

Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (1)

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Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (14)


Dressers, tables, sofas, bed frames, (except waterbed frames), etc.

Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (15)


Shirts, sweaters, jeans, shoes, boots, suits, jackets, jewelry, accessories, etc.

Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (16)


Personal computers, televisions, stereos, radios, VCRs, DVD players, etc.

Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (17)


Dishes, glassware, silverware, pots & pans, utensils, baskets, picture frames, etc.

Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (18)

Toys & sports equipment

Dolls, stuffed animals, bicycles, golf clubs, tennis racquets, treadmills, etc.

Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (19)

Hand tools

Drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, mechanical tools, saws, shovels, workbenches, etc.

Savers Donation Pick-Up and Delivery Service in Bel Air

Lugg makes donating furniture, appliances, and other household items easy and convenient. Whether you're downsizing, decluttering, or simply looking to give back, our donation pick-up service ensures your items reach the charity of your choice. We partner with organizations like Savers, Savers, Savers, Savers, and the Savers, as well as any small local charities.

Why Choose Lugg for Savers Donation Pick-Up in Bel Air?

  • Easy Booking: Schedule your Savers donation pick-up with just a few taps. Quickly book the help you need without talking to anyone or waiting for a quote.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand that your time is valuable. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy life. Need to donate today? Do you prefer to plan ahead? We've got you covered with same-day service and advanced booking.
  • Top Rated Service: Don't just take our word for it—our customers have shared their experiences with thousands of 5-star reviews.
  • Live Tracking: With Lugg, you'll enjoy the convenience of live tracking for your donation pick-up. Know exactly when your movers will arrive and follow your belongings every step of the way.

Expert Movers for Your Savers Donation Pick-Up and Delivery in Bel Air

Our movers specialize in handling donations of all sizes. They're experienced in navigating tight stairwells, small elevators, and compact living spaces, ensuring your items are moved safely and efficiently. From furniture and appliances to clothing and household goods, no donation is too big or small.

Ready to Donate to Savers in Bel Air?

If you're searching for "donation pick-up near me" and desire a service that combines convenience, efficiency, and reliability, look no further than Lugg. Let us take the stress out of donating. Book now and see why Lugg is the preferred choice for donation pick-up services.

Savers Donation Pick-Up Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book Lugg for same-day Savers donation pick-up in Bel Air?

Yes, you can book a donation pick-up on the same day, even within the hour!

How much does a donation pick-up to Savers cost in Bel Air?

Our competitive pricing varies based on the vehicle selected, the mileage between pickup and drop off, and labor time spent. Get an instant estimate now!

Will Lugg pick up donations from my apartment in Bel Air if there's no elevator?

Yes, our movers are experienced in handling walk-up buildings. We will ensure your donations are moved safely and efficiently, even without an elevator.

Does Lugg pick up large and bulky items for donation in Bel Air?

Yes, we specialize in picking up large and bulky items, including furniture, appliances, gym equipment, and more.

How can I book a Lugg for my Savers donation pick-up in Bel Air?

Booking a Lugg is simple! Just download the Lugg app or book on the web. Enter your pickup and destination addresses, choose the appropriate vehicle for your needs, and set the time for us to arrive. You'll receive a confirmation text with all the details once your Lugg is booked. Our team will handle the rest, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free donation experience.

Can Lugg donate my used appliances?

Yes, we can pick up your used appliances and deliver them to the charity of your choice.

What tasks can Lugg's donation pick-up service handle?

Our service covers a wide range of tasks including picking up donations from your home, delivering items to donation centers, and bringing new second-hand finds to your home.


Millions of happy customers

Milton and Rodrigo provided great and fast delivery service. They were on time. I highly recommend them. I will definitely use Lugg again in the future.

MMaureen in Washington, DC


Philip & Rodrigo were professional and quick. I was removing a mattress and the website made it seem like Luggs would take it away and get rid of it for me. That is not the case. You need to know where they are going to take it. Anyway the two luggers were helpful and polite regarding this miss communication.

MMatthew in Reston, VA


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Donate your items to Savers in Bel Air | Lugg (2024)


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