M&P Courier Tracking Online Check Easily | MANDP Logistics (2024)

M&P Courier Tracking Online Check Easily | MANDP Logistics (1)

Mandp tracking of courier online is super easy in this modern digital world. You need a few digits code and a way to do m&p tracking. Are you still curious to know how to check m&p courier tracking service online?

Muller and Phipps or Mulphilog, also known as M and P, the company started its fruitful parcel transferring journey in 1986. Today, they have more than 3600 employees. Their professionals are working day and night, on business days, and even on holidays or weekends for you.

Moreover, M&P courier and logistic service is the first shipping company approved by FedEx in Pakistan. It is one of the reliable and popular courier services that are operating all over the world, including Pakistan, delivering or giving you parcels super quick.

Additionally, MNP courier Logistics Company has 146 offices in different parts of Pakistan. In making the MNP tracking and delivery successful, they currently own more than 100 delivery vans and 500 local courier companies to deliver packages to customers faster. They also own a private plane, Boeing 737, to provide you fastest delivery service globally.

In addition to M&P’s introduction, they serve more than 1600 places in Pakistan. They also serve express logistics to more than 200 international destinations. They also have created an infrastructure for sending shipments of all kinds to 600+ cities across the country. Their courier services are regularly available to 25+ Million people who send orders to over 20 Million people national and abroad every year.

The mnp courier tracking is the only advanced tracking solution that lets you manage and view orders and deliveries online at the same time. Let’s see how to see mnp tracking status online in a few steps.

M&P Courier TrackingM&P Courier Tracking Online Check Easily | MANDP Logistics (2)

To do m & p tracking of orders, you need to have your order tracking ID or consignment number. I’m about to tell you how to check the m&p courier, track, and trace to know where your parcel is moving. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Locate your consignment or tracking ID

First, you need to have your order(s) tracking ID or consignment number for tracking m&p shipment. You should locate your tracking number under your order receipt.

Step 2: Enter the tracking ID

After locating the tracking code, you need to enter your mnp tracking number in the above and below tracking box. It should be accurate; otherwise, you’ll get the error.

Step 3: Click on the track button

After entering the consignment number, you need to hit the “Track” button. It will redirect you to the m&p shipment tracking page. Here you can see our order’s current delivery and shipment status.

You can track m&p cod Pakistan and International couriers without any extra cost! Return to the same page or save the URL in your browser bookmarks to view the updated status of the parcel.

M&P Tracking By Email

You Can Track Your Parcels By Email with m&p Tracking. It is easy to set up m&p Tracking.

M&P Courier Tracking Online Check Easily | MANDP Logistics (3)

Step 1: Enter your Email Address

The first step is to provide m&p with your Email address. This will be used for mulphilog Tracking so that m&p can send you updates as your parcel moves through the delivery process.

Step 2: Message us with Your Consignment Number.

The next step is to message m&p with the consignment number of the item you’re tracking. This will allow mulphilog to identify your parcel and start tracking it for you.

Step 3: m&p will send you regular updates on the status of your parcel

Once mulphilog has your tracking information, we will send you regular updates on the status of your parcel through email. This will inform you where your parcel is and when it should arrive at its destination.

Step 4: Once your parcel has been delivered, m&p will send you a confirmation email.

Once m&p has received confirmation that your parcel has been delivered, we will send you a confirmation email. This will be the final step in the m&p tracking process and will let you know that your parcel has been successfully delivered to its destination.

We hope this has helped explain m&p courier tracking by email!

Additional Ways to M&P Courier Service Tracking

Dealing with couriers is not always a straightforward task – and you might come across unexpected problems that are absolutely no fault of yours. However, the best way to avoid such mishaps is by having the appropriate m & p courier tracking number handy. This includes tracking your courier’s progress from the moment they first receive the parcel all the way to the time when the delivery has been agreed upon as successful or unsuccessful.

For example, if a package has been lost in transit, you can simply search on the M&P courier tracking number. It will tell you exactly who was responsible, including where perhaps your parcel may have been lost. Then you can inform them directly to rectify this issue by getting in touch with other couriers who have collected items nearby that might be able to help recover your parcel!

If you reside in Pakistan or abroad, these are the four most frequent guides to track your mnp cod orders or parcels.

1) Online Portal

Check in to the m&p logistics portal mulphilog track page. This is their official tracking page with powerful servers running behind. You can simply enter your tracking ID, which you got from your courier agent, or your shopping store account page.

After entering your details, you’ll be redirected to the tracking page. Here you can see all the details of your parcel’s current location. Or, you can also enter your consignment number directly above the tracking box.

2) Email Support

2nd way to m&p track and trace is by having email support. To get the email support service, simply contact their email at [emailprotected].

Their representatives will get in touch with you super quickly. You need to give them a few details for m&p courier service tracking. Here are the details:

  • You need to give them your tracking ID or consignment number
  • Your parcel or order details
  • Your store location

Their email support team will reply to you after checking the submitted info regarding your mnp cod.

3) SMS Tracking

If you choose not to utilize the way mentioned above, you may track your parcel through SMS. You may send an SMS to the local mnp office number, provide them your tracking ID, and it will be checked quickly.

4) Call Support

I have good news for you; you can use their call support which is super helpful to mandp tracking.

Contacting your local office is the fourth most straightforward way to monitor your parcel. The phone numbers for the major headquarters are listed below.

  • Karachi M & P Courier Logistic Phone Number: 021-111-202-202
  • Multan MNP Logistic Phone Number: 021-111-202-202
  • Rahim Yar Khan M&P Couriers Logistic Phone Number: 021-111-202-202
  • Haripur: 03315713182
  • Vehari: 03160020259
  • Quetta: 0321-5705327

Call your nearest mnp office to get the updated real-time tracking info.

5) Physical Tracking

If you’re a non-technical person like me, you can go to your nearest m&p courier office for mnp courier tracking. Ask about the office address by calling them or opening the Google Maps application and then searching for m&p. And, go to the nearest office of m and p to get your package destination details.

Moreover, If you’re from Karachi, the main office address is: Headquarters Address: C-17, Korangi Road D.H.A Phase II – Ext, Karachi – Pakistan

MNP Couriers Services:

Mulphilog is an affordable logistics company that provides many other amazing services. If you’re running an e-commerce store, you can use their COD account creation service. In addition, if you’re running a physical product store, you can also get their corporate account to hire them for your delivery management.

Furthermore, here are some of more best services by m&p:

1) MNP Courier

It is the best service if you want to send or receive packages locally or globally. It further has 6 courier services to match your needs:

  • Same Day Delivery: They ensure that deliveries are made on the same working day in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad (within your city.)
  • Second Day: Your parcel deliveries are made within 48-72 hours
  • Overnight Delivery: They ensure overnight quick delivery of every parcel without worrying about deadlines.
  • My Box: You can send packages and boxes in size or weight categories ranging from 1 to 30 KG by express delivery.
  • My Flyer: You can easily send documentation, sensitive products, or private things that need hand-carrying safely over the world in three different sizes.
  • International: M&P, via its strong and smart alliances, has aided Pakistani individuals in delivering their goods globally. They covered more than 200 locations.

2) Logistics

Logistics services include Import & Export, Fleet Management, Transportation & Cold Chain, and Reverse.

Moreover, Logistics are just some ways you may use this service to transport your raw materials or completed products from one location to another.

3) COD

They’re providing user-friendly COD services. You can open corporate COD account and retail COD for an e-commerce store.

4) Printing and Distribution

MNP also provides specialized solutions for in-house Bulk Mail Management and can print 5 million papers per day.

5) Cool Chain with Customized Temperature Transportation

Their Cool Chain transportation vans can keep perishable items such as agricultural products/produce, marine food, frozen food, and chemicals at temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C and are perfect for transporting perishable items for their corporate and B2B customers.

6) Gifts Delivery

A high-end gift delivery service for all seasons and events. You can do customization and deliver it to the recipient’s door.

7) Couriers Tracking

Last but not least, they’re also providing a helpful m&p tracking number online check service.

How to Download my M&P Tracking App?

Downloading the M&P tracking app is easy and convenient. Here are the simple steps you can follow:

  1. Go to your device’s App Store (Android) and search for “M&P Tracking“.
  2. Download and install the app onto your device.
  3. Open the app and register an account with your email address, phone number, or other personal information.
  4. Once registered, log in to access all features of the M&P Tracking App!
  5. Enjoy managing your packages with ease!

Or you can download it with the below button.

With this helpful tool, you can now easily keep track of all packages associated with your shipping needs! We hope you have a pleasant experience using it.

Why MANDP Tracking Courier:

You need to cross-check your courier or parcel’s current location to determine where it is and whether it goes out for delivery or is still in the warehouse. You need to have an eye on your parcel to avoid any mishaps.

Your parcel can be sent to the wrong address, or you’ve mistakenly written the wrong delivery address. So, for your parcel safety, you should do m&p courier tracking. It will save your time, and you’ll be happy to be curious to open your parcel.

Moreover, if you want to change your delivery address, you need to wait at least 2-5 business days. Because you can only edit parcel destination when it gets returned to the warehouse, you can do m&p tracking online and offline with the ways mentioned earlier. It’ll help you to stay upto date with delivery time and location.


1) What is the tracking Id or consignment number?

Ans: You get a unique tracking ID or consignment number when you place the order at m&p courier service. It is a unique number for the courier and allows for easy tracking of the courier. You should save the tracking ID somewhere safe; otherwise, you’ll need to visit the nearest m and p office. You will get your consignment number from the delivery agent.

2) How long does M&P take to deliver?

M&P has numerous choices for expediting shipment delivery, including same-day delivery service (selected cities, inside the city), overnight express delivery (delivery the following day), and special Breakfast delivery (urgent delivery of documents and other items types), and others.

You can choose from any of the various alternatives depending on your requirements.

3) How do I track my M&P order?

I’ve mentioned the process in detail. You can check above mentioned steps or simply use the mnp track box.

4) Can I track my courier?

Yes, you can track your courier. Follow the same process!

5) Does M&P deliver on Sunday?

Yes, M&P provides a unique holiday delivery service for Sundays/Weekends and Festive/Religious Holidays throughout Pakistan.

M&P Courier Tracking Online Check Easily | MANDP Logistics (2024)


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