Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (2024)

Teach/Corrupt is the sixth episode of The Acolyte. It brings back the mysterious tone of the series while leaving us on a massive cliffhanger.

The article contains major spoilers from this episode and references events from previous episodes.

Recap of the story so far

Right after getting to Kelnacca’s hideout Osha, Sol, Jecki, Yord, and the four other Jedi were surprised by the mysterious masked figure. The duels were very intense but sadly, every Jedi but Master Sol was murdered.

Despite losing, Jecki managed to break the helmet and reveal that Qimir was the man behind the mask. Sol almost killed him in cold blood but was stopped by Osha. Before anyone else would get hurt, Osha tricked the Umbramoths into taking Qimir away.

Before Master Sol could confess, he was stunned by Mae. The twins talk to each other briefly but Osha attempts to capture her sister, this doesn’t go well and Osha gets knocked by Mae.

Mae cuts her hair to impersonate Osha, and minutes later she departs with Master Sol. Qimir eventually returns to the scene but Sol and Mae are long gone. However, he finds an unconscious Osha.

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Getting an Acolyte

After Mae betrayed Qimir he probably felt that his mission was doomed. It’s very hard for someone of his nature to find someone both powerful and easy to manipulate. But even if Master Sol and Mae managed to escape, he was left with the biggest price.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (3)

It doesn’t take much to realize that Osha’s burden is just as heavy as it was when she lost her family. Training as a Jedi and working as a meknek might have appeased her pain for some years but the recent events just made everything resurface stronger than ever.

Mae’s treason looked like a setback for whatever Qimir’s planning but I think that this is working in his favor. Within a minute of their first interaction, he’s able to figure out Osha’s feelings and insecurities.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (4)

Osha is naive and easy to manipulate, Qimir has already figured it out but he’s not going to do anything that looks odd or suspicious. Instead, I think he’s just going to let everything flow naturally.

Distrust in the Jedi Order

The scene where Venestra is told that Senator Rayencourt is rallying more politicians to review the Jedi Order is brief but very important. Despite their good intentions, it’s undeniable that the Jedi are too close to politics and what this implies.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (5)

The Jedi Order is supposed to be an independent institution but how true is that when they report directly to the senate? I’m not saying that it’s wrong, a group of people with such power should be kept in check and the Senate is probably the best choice.

But from an outside perspective, it could be argued that the so-called keepers of the peace are nothing but enforcers of the political elite of the galaxy. This is one of the main reasons why the Confederation of Independent Systems was created, and why Count Dooku lost his faith in the Order.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (6)

During this era, the Jedi are widespread in the galaxy with the purpose of contacting systems that are not part of the Republic.

Local Jedi Temples and outposts on remote worlds are the most common places where Jedi can be found outside of Coruscant, but that’s not how it is during the events of the prequel trilogy.

After the Clone Wars began, many Jedi were sent to different planets but the central planet of everything was always Coruscant. What happened in the previous centuries that this changed?

I believe that we’re going to see something that really hurts the public image of the Jedi Order. The plan of the Sith is already in motion, they know that many things must be done in order to weaken the Jedi.

Changing the perspective that people outside of the core worlds have of the Jedi Order and the Republic is a very good idea. This would let the person pulling the strings behind the curtain move freely in more places without having any nosy Jedi.

If I’m right about this, I think that Master Sol is going to have a key role.

Qimir’s identity

For me, Qimir is the biggest mystery of the show. This episode confirms that he was a Jedi “a very long time ago”. This means that he is way older than his appearance suggests.

Force-sensitive individuals can extend their lives just by being attuned to the Force but it takes more than just being a former Jedi to reduce aging so drastically. Dark side users can do this but the side effect is that their body is corrupted. Which clearly Qimir didn’t experience.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (7)

Qimir says that someone threw him away. The dialogue between him and Osha suggests that it was his Jedi Master. His scar isn’t common, it looks as if he was struck by a thunder or something with an irregular form.

The most obvious answer is Master Vernestra Rwoh. She’s the only Jedi in the current canon capable of using her lightsaber as a whip. I think that “Vern” is also hiding something very important.

You can tell that she is thinking about something or someone when she finds all the bodies in Khofar. She is more than a hundred years old so it’s more than possible that Qimir could have been her apprentice decades before.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (8)

Qimir says that the Jedi would call him Sith, but you don’t get to call yourself a Sith unless you have “earned” it. A fallen Jedi is not a synonym of Sith. To become one, you must be granted the title by someone who is already a Sith.

In my Episode 4 breakdown, I mentioned that the masked figure probably isn’t the master. Apprentices do most of the dirty work while the powerful Master remains in the shadows, moving their pieces carefully and planning the next move.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (9)

I wonder if Qimir is following someone’s orders or if he wants the power to himself. Sith are notorious for replacing their apprentices with more powerful candidates so it’s not the craziest thing to consider that Qimir was replaced by someone stronger.

Tenebrous and Plagueis are both canon, so if there are more players in the game it really has to be them. A subtle but important detail is the fact that Qimir talks about his Cortosis helmet and immediately after it, we see that it can be found in the cave he uses as hiding.

Why is Cortosis so important? Because the planet Bal’demnic is described as an ocean planet with tropical rock islands. This planet has many Cortosis deposits which eventually will be mined by Darth Tenebrous and Darth Plagueis.

To be fair it also looks exactly like Ahch-To, the planet where Luke went into hiding during the sequel trilogy. The difference is that Ahch-To is in the unknown regions while Bal’demnic is in the Outer Rim. I really don’t think that it’s Ahch-To but their similarities are impossible to ignore.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (10)

Nonetheless, I am a hundred percent sure that these details are very intentional. Each episode is a small piece of the bigger puzzle and from what we’ve seen I am more than confident that it will all make sense in the upcoming episodes.

The Power of Two

Qimir mentions that he wants “the power of two”, but he doesn’t explain what it means. There are a few things that come to my mind when I hear that phrase. The first one is the dialogue that Darth Sidious says when he faces Kylo and Rey on Exegol: “The life force of your bond, a dyad in the Force. The power of two restores the one true Emperor.”

Mae and Osha were created through some sort of dark side ritual. Mother Aniseya stated that they are one being separated into two persons. Could it be that Mae and Osha are a dyad? Their bond is extremely strong and the nature of their birth makes it sound more plausible to me.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (11)

It could also be referring to the Rule of Two. Let’s assume that someone replaced Qimir as the apprentice of the true Sith Lord. It would be impossible for him to defeat both the Master and Apprentice on his own.

He would need someone to train, with the same driving force for them to have a remote chance to become the only two Sith in the galaxy.

The last idea is probably the biggest stretch but I like to consider all possibilities. Even if they’re small or even silly, it’s part of the fun.

Regardless of what Qimir means, I’m sure that is something very important.

Osha’s failure

I never gave much importance to the reason as to why Osha left the Jedi Order. My thoughts were that she just couldn’t continue with the training because of her ongoing grief. Which is correct but it never occurred to me that she failed. What this means is that Osha failed her trials.

Failing the Jedi trials as a Padawan is a very big deal. It’s not like failing a test and being able to try again after studying the subjects more carefully. When Padawans fail their tests, it means that they are no longer Jedi, and as a result, they are expelled from the Order.

These tests are the last official filter to determine who is able to become a Jedi and who isn’t. The darkness inside Osha was probably too intense. We are more than aware of what happens when an extremely powerful Jedi falls to the dark side. The Jedi Order refused to take the chance with her, and for good reason.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (12)

It’s clear why she’s being so easy to manipulate. With a little push words that Osha wants to hear she’ll just fall naturally into the dark side. Fear, hate, and grief have been growing their roots for sixteen years and now Qimir is going to take advantage of it.

Master Sol’s secret

Watching Sol’s change of demeanor when Mae woke up was unsettling, he seemed like a very different man. The fact that he jumped into hyperspace as soon as he heard the message from the rescue team didn’t help either.

It looks like he is finally ready to confess what happened to Brendok but only after Mae got completely restrained. I am extremely curious about it, it has been the biggest mystery of the series so far.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (13)

I wonder how much is related to that incident. Mae and Osha’s past and future is the more obvious one but what about Qimir, Vernestra, or even the unknown Sith?

Qimir seems to know a lot about Master Sol, I’m sure that Mae told him something about what happened but there’s more to it. When they fought in Khofar, Qimir asked if Sol didn’t remember him. I’m assuming that they crossed paths long ago.

Whatever it is, I really hope that is something unexpected and dark. Something that would be close to the mistakes of Anakin Skywalker. If this secret is as dark as I think, it would be the perfect situation for the Sith.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (14)

The Jedi are already considering the possibility of Master Sol being the rogue Jedi. Add dark and disturbing actions done in his past and you have the perfect scapegoat. The Sith would remain anonymous, Sol’s name would be tainted and no one would believe any word he has to say regarding Qimir, Osha, and Mae.

I still believe that in order for the events of the series to make sense, every person who has contact with Qimir or maybe another Sith is going to die. Mae, Osha, Sol, and maybe even Vernestra. This is the High Republic and if there’s something I’ve learned of this era is that tragic endings are common, especially for Jedi.

Final thoughts

It was good to have an episode that returns to the mystery theme after the intense and heartbreaking episode of the last week. I am a little worried about all the questions that still need to be answered. The last episodes have lasted way less than I’d like and it concerns me that the last two episodes will feel extremely rushed.

Watching how the dark side can corrupt anyone, even if they possess a “good heart” will always be interesting to me. Understanding that no one is completely good or completely bad is a topic that isn’t commonly addressed, and Star Wars does a very good job at doing so.

The idea of being deprived of all senses is both terrifying and compelling. In Osha’s case, I think that it will completely turn her to the dark side of the Force. She’s going to face all the darkness inside her, without anyone else to guide or help her during the process.

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 6 Breakdown (15)

Being in an echo chamber where all your negative thoughts emerge at once sounds incredibly overwhelming. I don’t many people would be able to tolerate it, especially not Osha. Maybe I am completely wrong and Osha will emerge victorious and stronger than ever, but that seems very unlikely. In my eyes, she doesn’t have that kind of strength.

I can’t wait for the next week! Many questions must be answered soon, but more action wouldn’t be bad. Personally, I’d like a balance of both with an increased length for the remaining episodes. Hopefully, the best episode is yet to be released.

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